Saturday, October 10, 2020

Steampunk Clockwork Art

Here are four cards from my new Steampunk Clockwork series. These tiny pieces are now on my website and I’ll post a video soon featuring one so you can enjoy its color-changing goodness. These feature the coolest sealing wax embossing I’ve seen.  My previous post shows all 14 - all different and original yet united by theme.
I just posted them on my website; they come in a sealed acrylic envelope for display. 

Here’s the website:
Oh man... aren’t they just so pretty?

I love them!  I hope you do too!

Friday, October 2, 2020

Rock Wall Series Painting

Well, this one sold before I got to show you but I thought you might like to see it anyway.  This is the fourth painting in my Rock Wall series and the fourth to sell in so many days.  I can’t keep up with you guys - who knew?  I guess others love plants as much as I do!  I’ll try to post my next one here tomorrow to give you a chance as well before it sells.

You can find a lot of similarly wonderful color-changing art on my website,

Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Adventures of Pippy, aand a new Friend!

Could it be? Pippy and his friend are wondering who’s down there looking up at them! The saga continues.  In my shop; only three original pieces featuring our new doggo friend. is the link to find my art!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Holographic Stickers

New stickers!?!  YES! These holographic stickers are incredible.  Encourage your student this tough school year with some notebook-brighteners.  Just loaded them on my site; get them before they’re gone!  Where would you put one of these babies? After photographing them my eyes are tickled to the limit!  😍🔥❤️🥰.  WOW.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mixed Media Sketch

Sometimes I just have to get my color out.  This one pretty much did it.  Colored pencil, paint pen and a silver pen. I have a really heavy hand with pencils of any kind and can’t seem to produce any kind of work without breaking them.  I tend to go for the pencils, graphite or colored that are big and fat. For me, they’re a little less prone to breakage and oh... that smooth lay down.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Sketchpad Art!

Ever want to peek inside my sketchpads? These are the inside covers which are a catch-all for life on the run.  Plus I like stickers.  I always hold the front and back covers of my pads for those cool things I want to put somewhere.  Ya know, I need to keep that sticker that came on my peach! 

Often I will fashion a little pocket out of some kind of little bag to keep ticket stubs in and glue it inside the back cover.  I’ve used barf bags from airplanes and tampon bags from ladies’ restrooms.  Every time I open to those I laugh!  

I remember when our oldest three were teens we traveled to Germany.  Everyone had a little black book and we had a competition to see who could collect the most and coolest graffiti stickers in their books.  Our 6’4” son won that battle because, well... he could reach stickers none of us could get to! So many memories in these sketchpads.

By the way, that orange target on this sketchpad that I drew on?  It’s a biodegradable floating target to put in the toilet for little boys to teach them good aim.  Hahaha!!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Holographic Stickers!

Whaat?!  Pretty sure you need to sticker up for the new school year.  I’m continually adding holographic stickers to my shop.  Have you seen them?

Three of these are from my dragonwing series. And if you REALLY want to know, art is piling up over here because every art show known to man has been cancelled.  Trust me, your local artist friends need some encouragement and monetary help. is the place to go for these and other super cool stuff that I’m pretty sure you need.