Thursday, September 12, 2019

Market Street Fine Art Fair

Come on out THIS Saturday, September 14 to the Market Street Fine Arts Fair and find me at my booth!  I will be located by the North Passageway in front of the Sunglasses Hut and CRU Wine Bar.  Entry is free; come out and meet all the artists and get some shopping done.  I’ll be looking for you!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Preparing for Art Show

This is my very last batch of paint pour abstracts that I took to the frame shop to have hanging wires attached.  Do you have a favorite?  These will be at my booth in the Market Street Art Fair THIS Saturday!  As you can see by the fluorescent tube light reflections they are now SUPER glossy, sporting their thick coats of resin.  The framers promised to have them by Thursday - cutting it close - yikes!  You would note that the bottom right is the one with the leaf.  It blew into my work without my knowledge and by the time I noticed it was too late.  Now, it’s part of the artwork!  These beauties pack a really glorious punch for a really good price - from $45.00 to $95.00. 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Art Fair Pieces

Here are some of the many pieces I’ll be selling at the Market Street Art Fair NEXT Saturday, September 14.  

Note that the tiger is a poster; I have small posters of some of my animal paintings even though the paintings are sold.

  I’ll also have tons of stickers and magnets, LOTS of coasters (which are still curing) and most of all, original paintings!  

It’s impossible to get a shot of this guy, who is 24”x30” - VERY STRONG PAINTING!  He’s on a bed of gold. :)

I’ll have a TON of paint pours.  I’m working on wiring them and letting all the coasters I made cure.

Hope to see you there!  Many of these are on my website; if you don’t want a piece to go to someone else, you can buy it there and pick it up at the faire.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Creamsicle Painting

This acrylic pour is just so beautiful, and the colors so rich I think I could eat it.  Some of the colors remind me of a creamsicle and next to those peaches all I can think to name it is ‘Luscious.’  If you could see it in person and see the depth and breadth of all these colors glowing it up together I bet you’d think so too!

I created this on an 8” x 8” square cradled birch and the colors flow over the edges to make even the sides look like art. I also signed it on the side because I didn’t want to disturb the beautiful flow of colors.  Rich, high-quality acrylics make this an archival, non-fading heirloom. At $60.00, that’s quite a bargain and a great one of a kind gift!

Note: this is an extremely thick layer of acrylics.  What do you do if it gets dusty?  Take a damp cloth to it.  That’s all!  The surface is impermeable.

You can find more pictures of this painting and more information at my website, Come and find me and knock out a few Christmas gifts with pleasure from your own home!

Art vs. Mass Production

Wonderful People,

I do my best to refrain from comments that I am going to make here, but sometimes these things just need to be said.  Here we go.

How many of you would like to own a seriously beautiful piece of original art?  How many hours might it have taken the artist to create it? Fifty?  Sixty?  This is not uncommon.

All right, let's see... what is a living wage?  $10.00/hour? Not really, but let's use it.  Ten dollars times sixty = $600.00.  Would you be willing to pay $600.00 for a beautiful piece of art?  My guess is that many of you would not.

Now it gets personal. And honestly, I think this is the first time I've ever spoken about this among non-artists.  Artists understand.  Believe me.

When people look at my art, they enjoy it, take photos of it and use it that way, which is not legal, and is actually stealing from me.  They also frequently comment to me that they wish it wasn't so expensive.

I'm really proud of my work, and careful to use only the best materials. I want it to last, not to fade as so many do, and be preserved archivally into the next generations. Just curious, have any of you looked at the price of art materials lately?  I drop twenty bucks on a tube of paint without the blink of an eye.  Lots of the art you DO buy was made by a machine with cheap paint that will fade to tan in about ten years.

So, what you are asking, in essence, is for me to invest thirty or forty hours on a piece, invest a great deal in materials, and sell it to you for a low, low price.  That makes my living wage about $1.28 per hour.

I am a professional artist.  I'm very proud of my work.  But it can be discouraging when the work doesn't sell.  People love to support me by telling me how much they love my work, but that does not compensate for the hours I spend alone creating art when I need to be, say, taking care of my family and home or enjoying free time.

If you want to support an artist, support an artist by buying his or her work!  Now THAT'S what I call encouragement!  Please don't say, 'Oh, I love this - you should do a whole series on that!'   The deal is, if I've created one piece that you really like, it means I really like it too, and would LOVE to do an entire series on it.  But what goes unsaid is that I can't continue to create without the financial support of others.

Something else that goes unsaid is that when you see a painting of mine that you like, there has been untold cerebral work, sketching, and research before I put brush to canvas, not to mention a lifetime of study, work and practice. And it may possibly mean that there are a number of paintings behind that one that failed as I struggled to bring it forth.

There have been so many times I have been discouraged and wanted to quit. Trust me, being an artist is often a difficult thing. Did you know that a successful artist's goal is supposed to be 'Paint for three months of the year, sell for nine months of the year.'  I can't even IMAGINE what it would be like to have people buy my paintings at a pace where I could spend more time painting.  Wow.

So please, don't balk when you see an artist's high price.  See the work of art for what it is.  Art.  Something beautiful that was lovingly and thoughtfully created and is perfectly unique.  Buy it.  And appreciate it for what it is, for the rest of your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren to come.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Dragons of the Earth Painting

This one I named ‘Dragons of the Earth.’ Oh my goodness, it’s one of my very favorites.  I wish I could do more like it but alas, that could never happen.  The reds and golds are a standout and the golds mix with the emerald greens to make them positively luminous.  

I painted it on 9”x12” cradled birch.  Signed on the side and ready to hang.  Highest quality paints will not fade and will bless you with an heirloom.  And at $95.00, that is a BARGAIN!

So pretty!  You can find lots more pictures and information on my website.  You can buy it tonight at or take your chances and come to Market Street Fine Art Fair September 14.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Creative, Problems

This was my morning layout to get resin on all these pieces.  It was an adventure, to be sure.  I learned a few things - 1.  An assistant is a must (thanks, Noah and Melody)!  2.  If you work with resin in 100 degree heat, the exothermic reaction will kick into high gear and the resin will burn your hand (even through gloves,) and 3.  Whilst getting your hand burned turn off the blowtorch so you don’t start a secondary fire.  This said, I am READY to continue the work EARLY in the supposed cool of the morning and have made up my mind to never do this with my art classes. I like my students to have adventures, but not quite THIS much adventure! Watch here and my website in the coming days for all these lovely coasters, and a couple small paintings, to be added. :)