Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Finished Cat Commission Painting

Just delivered these two buddies.  It is SO satisfying to finish a painting.  Really love these babies and I understand they’re the best of friends.  If you look closely you can see that my final varnish echos both the background and the cats’ fur, AND I signed it with a thumbprint into that glossy final coat!  It is so true that artists put a part of themselves into their work, in ever so many ways.
Oh we love to make faces...

Oh my goodness, they are so beautiful!!! My clients were extremely happy!
Handsome fellow. :)

You can find more like this at  Lots of Christmas gifts too!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

SOLD - ‘Watermark’ Painting

SOLD!!!  This beauty, named ‘Watermark’ because it reminds me of water and rocks, is going to someone who collects rocks!  I think it will be a pretty perfect enhancement of their rock collection.  Maybe I sold it because I have a handsome male model, huh?  You can find more art like this at my website, shown below..  Sometimes my clients come to me asking for a painting I’ve sold and want one just like it.  Sorry it doesn’t work that way; once it’s gone, it’s gone.  This is original art in all its quirkiness and I couldn’t reproduce one if I tried.  So... if you like it, let me know, because it’s not going to come again! is my website.

Conroe Mistletoe Market!

I decided to make a ton of fluorescent coasters that glow like fire under black light, as in the first photo, plus a bunch of other coasters that are just downright gorgeous like the one in the last photo.  They all have a nice resin finish which makes them impermeable and a cork back to save your furniture in case your kids haven’t ruined it already.
And another black light coaster:

You will find me selling these SATURDAY at the Mistletoe Market in Conroe for twenty bucks a pop.  Come on out; we’ll be there all day!
You can see the reflective shine of the sky.  The resin is super glossy.  That’s one reason why I love it. :)

I’ll have other work there as well.  If you want anything in particular, you can order it off my website so no one else gets it and I can bring it to the show.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

‘Watermark’ Fluid Art Painting

I named this one ‘Watermark’ because it reminds me of the effects of water and time on stone.  The textures of the paint flow draw your eyes through the painting over and over again to explore the mystery of it.  The golds and iridescents reflect and dance and you can see how the painting changes in different lights.  Looks pretty good with our son holding it; pretty sure it’d look good in your home too!

Kind of blends in with the bricks, huh. :)

Under different lighting it changes.  This shot shows the golds better...

One more... my son is saying ‘Please buy this painting so I don’t have to hold it again...’. Find it at

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Chinese Lantern Painting

I can think of a fabulous, armchair way for you to knock out some of your Christmas gifts!  Big and small, there are some very special creative treats for you on my website.  Here’s a festive one, called ‘Night Lights’ which really WILL light up the night for you!  Find this and many more at  (30”x24” on heavy, gallery-wrapped canvas.)

This is in a series of three paintings of Chinese lanterns.  One is sold, the other, named ‘Breezy’ featuring lanterns flying in a fresh, bright sky, is also for sale on my site.  I have a wide range of gift prices, from $10.00 - $900.00.  Just what you need! 

Monday, November 25, 2019

KITTY Cat for Sale

Oh man, I love this one!  I named this one ‘The Watcher.’  I kept my brushstrokes loose to give you the feel of a really soft, pettable cat, and also lightened up on the acrylics with many layers of glaze to keep him looking FLUFFY.  12”x24” it’s for sale on my website,   You can find lots of other photos of this as well.  

Studio Art Work

This is some of the work behind my paintings.  I take meticulous notes which stand behind the legacy of my art for future repairs, new work or whatever.  These are my records for kitty noses for a piece for a client.  I have years of notebooks like this, all dated and labeled.  When you purchase my work, you’re purchasing an heirloom.  Best products, archival and acid free.