Saturday, July 21, 2018

Art Classes for Homeschoolers

If you’re still thinking of art classes for the fall, I’m switching into high gear gathering supplies and preparing lesson plans. I teach in two locations: and  Two of my seven classes are full, but there’s room in the others! Did you know I also give private lessons? Message me about that.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Puppy (Painting) for Sale

I think YOU need a dog! This excitable pup needs a new home. I painted him with big loose strokes to give the feel of non-stop puppy movement, and he won’t even shed on your jeans. I use the best paints on highest quality gallery wrapped canvas, sealed with layers of UV protectant varnish. You can find him on my website and will also find deep descriptions and many other pictures.

Well, I can’t say it’s hot off the press; I guess I’ll say it’s hot off the easel.

I always like to have someone in our family take a picture with me holding my painting. This way you can get a good feel for its size.
A little closeup of my slobber boy so you can closely see the strokes and how I layered the colors.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mixing Charts for Paintings

Charts, charts, charts... they make me a better artist. Because I use such a plethora of paints,I’m always creating mixing charts before painting. Usually at this point I’ve got in mind exactly what I want, and am searching for the exact colors to flesh out my ideas. When I’m finished with the painting, I log the paints used so I have a record for my clients. This way, years in the future, if Uncle Max tumbles into the painting, we’ll know what to do.

That being said, if you buy a painting from me, you have as an extra bonus the assurance of knowing I’ve got the best quality materials in it, and know that if it ever needs repairs, we’ll have a good starting point.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Art Book Love

Oh what a find at Good People Books in Austin! How cool is this? I know, I know, your heart isn’t going pitter patter, but mine is. :)

Artist’s Flatlay in Studio

I’ve done quite a lot of layouts, always in a single color.  This time I decided to celebrate the color wheel and just lay down those colors (sorry, purple, I owe you one.) Of note, gorgeous ribbons one of my students gave me on a cool gift, my metal embossed seahorse mounted on a box and a colorful swag I recently made which I toss over all kinds of things to brighten things up and celebrate. Oh, and my coolest ever striped purse from Target. And my cheap sunglasses.  (These be no rhinestone shades.)

Self Portrait, Part Five (see previous posts for others)

All right, could it be that we have only four books to go? This is the continuation of my self portrait.  I have chosen this little company of books to represent myself; they are a distillation of the, oh, I don’t know... 1,000, 2,000? books in our home.

Again, here’s the picture:

We’ve done all the books in my previous July, 2018 posts, and now have only the four standing on the left to finish us up.

The Art of Peter Max.  I LOVE Peter Max! His fresh vibrancy in everything he does inspires me.  And, did you know that one of the artists that formed and inspired him was actually Bouguereau? Go figure, huh? Kind of funny, because his work is nothing like Bouguereau, nor is mine, but he can inspire us all.  And a nod to you, Peter, for being reliably bright and fun.

Next to that is The Creators by Daniel Boorstin.  If you haven’t read any Boorstin, ANYTHING he has written is worthy! His history is fabulous and I also love his American history.  THIS book, however, has well moved in and secured its place in our home.  For one thing, this is my second copy as I completely wore out my other copy and finally threw it away in about 20 pieces. It’s just a beautiful and informative book about creators.  All kinds of creators through history: musicians, writers, sculptors, inventors, painters.  Love it!

Although is a descriptive self portrait created with BOOKS, there’s something else in this picture worthy of mention.  You see these books surrounded by mark makers (in lots of colors), two of my paintings, and a glorious outside garden.  These three are a very apt part of my portrait.

All right! Two books down, two to go!  You will see me finish up my self portrait in my next installation, part six!  See you then. ;)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Self Portrait, Part the Fourth

Well, here we go again! Find my three previous posts down below this within the past few days.  I’m continuing my self portrait, as described by this stack of books. Oops... I chose the wrong pic - me and my son... and it’s too good to delete, so... this picture is of me and my son! We just finished having lunch at the BIGGEST RESTAURANT IN TEXAS, The Oasis, on beautiful Lake Travis. :)

Now, back to the self portrait... let’s see if I can do better ...
Here we are. All right, I’m moving my way downward, and have arrived at Bernini. Oh, Bernini, how I love you! I was so excited to meet your work in person when we were in Roma, and my love for you has not dimmed! Michelangelo did a great work.  You built upon that work. You took the idea of his gorgeous figures further by adding emotion and muscle tension. Your sculptures are alive with emotion and feeling, right down to their very toes! I love this book as well because, well, it’s a Phaidon book, and Phaidon knows how to do things right.  You can count on Phaidon to produce beautiful stuff.  It even smells good.  Don’t you just love a book that smells good?  Also, I use this book almost every year in my art classes.  Soo handy for so many reasons.

The Complete Van Gogh.  I love his work. I sympathize with his lot in life, which, try as he would he could not seem to improve.  That he could create such beauty - it’s just a wonderful thing.  Also he’s Dutch.  So am I. We Dutch artists have to stick together.  Visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, home of MY PEOPLE is a memory that I cherish.

Down on the far right you see a little Latin dictionary.  I know I already covered Latin earlier, but Latin is really just so important to me, that it’s an ongoing thing. Just today I was reading semi-historical fiction about 14th century Norway, and so much Latin comes up in it.  It’s everywhere, and nice to understand it when it comes along.

Enough for this post! We are getting there! I believe I now have four books and a wooden toad left to explain.  See ya in Part the Fifth!