Friday, December 2, 2016

Dutch Artists

From one Dutch artist to another, I honor VanGogh with my Starry Night t-shirt. And rocking the big glasses.

Tiny Art

I'm often struck by the beauty of the plastic gift cards I use for painting tools.

Simple beauty.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Einstein Quote

Here's Einstein on a portion of my abstract painting.  I really love this quote and wholeheartedly agree with it.


Abstract Acrylic

Here are s several shots of one of my abstracts.

First, the entire painting - 


Here is a closeup...


Oh, man, I love this.


The textures and colors fascinate me to no end.

Last, but not least... :)


This is also available on my website,

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Black Friday Weekend Sale

This is the last chance for a ten percent discount on my paintings site wide! Celebrate! I have magnets, posters and mugs, and paintings ranging from $60.00-$800.00. Something for everyone!


Here are a few 'somethings.'

I love my owl.  His name is Horatio. :)


This is a side view of a beautiful abstract, including comics. 

Here is a little section of one of my lovely mixed media pieces.


A really awesome and colorful geranium...


My cat.  No, she isn't for sale, but I love her so.


My adorable raccoon mugs.  I love mynraccoon painting, which is also on the site.  Mugs are nice, too.


Here's the entire comic abstract.  I call it Funny One. :)


Last but not least, one of my metal embossing pieces.  All on my site noted above! Happy Black Friday weekend!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Commissioned Painting

Just finished a commission that I LOVE! Can't show it yet but here's a small section. I wish I could show more because I love it so much.  After Christmas, I'll show you the rest! 

The hint is stormy ocean.


New Flower Painting

I bought a gorgeous bunch of sunflowers and hydrangeas . Can you tell what my next acrylic painting is going to be? Yep.