Sunday, February 16, 2020

Society6 Artist

Did you KNOW?  All wall art at Society6 is 40% off for Presidents’ Day sale! That means my adorable Raccoon!  You asked for him... here he is in whatever size or frame you want! :)

Society6, Color Cat Studios

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Making Prints in The Woodlands

Still making prints over here.  This is a linoleum block.  They’re quite easy to carve; a LOT easier to carve than wood!  Also with wood you can pull maybe only 100 prints before the wood swells and shrinks too much.  These lino blocks can go a long time if you’re careful.

If you want to start easy with print making, you can actually do it on a styrofoam meat tray from the grocery store with a pencil and some acrylic paint.  That’s super basic but a good way to get a feel for the process.  I always use printer’s ink because it’s the perfect viscosity for all the details.  There are SO many ways to print and I love them ALL!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Art Class Printmaking

My classes for the next few weeks will be doing print making. Here are some artist trading cards I made in preparation. If you’re NOT in my classes, I’ll still swap; give me a holler. Some of the qualities in art that I find important are layers, texture, color and contrast.  Hopefully you can find those things here. If you want to learn a little more, look for my video on these cards which I will post right after this. Once my students get a handle on making prints with some of the elements I just mentioned I’m going to have them make artist trading cards so we can all trade. FUN!

Cool, huh.  Note how the colors change with the light.  These are special, handmade watercolors.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Acanthus Paintings

This piece and its mate have been in the works for several weeks.  After much planning, careful steps and a mad rush of creativity it’s time for the finishing touches.  

Not done yet but these minute finishing touches have taken up my entire day.  Getting there!  

I am absolutely loving the textures and took a couple closeup shots for you to get the feel of it. 

Love these!  I’m hoping to have both paintings completely finished by Saturday night.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Handmade Watercolors

Color.  Beautiful, glowing color. These shimmery watercolors are so yummy I could just eat them!  I got these through Indigo Art; does anybody else out there use handmade watercolors?

Friday, February 7, 2020

Picasso Quote

I popped this Picasso quote on one of my paintings and agree wholeheartedly. Honestly, I work like a dog.  I don’t even have time for UN-inspiration.  If I am ever uninspired I just go to my studio and clean brushes, sharpen pencils, leaf through sketchpads, look at my artist trading cards. So, while I’m doing that I’m getting things done AND... before I know it, I’m inspired again!  I am usually the opposite of uninspired; I have so many ideas that I can’t turn them all into paintings, sketches or notes.  There are just too many!  How about you? By the way, this painting is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph! See the lines through it? That’s the clear, shiny varnish which I laid down showing brushstrokes.  Cool, Burt I suppose I’ll never get a good pic.  Oh, well. :/

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Painting Classically

Here we go again.  I’ve been working these two paintings together; the painting in the bottom photo is finished and now I’m doing the serious work on its mate.  A little progress report so you can see how I work.  FYI, it’ll be a while before I get good photos of these as they’re all golds and blacks.  Where you see the light reflecting glows, so it’s hard to photograph.  It should be a challenge for a photographer’s camp or something.

Always the thumbnails first.  And yes, my phone is a mess.  That’s because I USE it.  The sticker is one of my paintings; I sell stickers on my etsy site and my Society6 site.
Background done, so it begins.

Hello, Fibonacci!  You know I love you.
Here’s the finished one.  They’ll be a beautiful pair.