Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lunchtime Sketch at the Guthrie

We had lunch with Grant at the Guthrie Theater in downtown Minneapolis on the banks of the Mississippi River.  This was our view, and my quick sketch whilst waiting for food. (I painted it at home.) Our view was of these condos, which were built out of the old Gold Medal plant.  They were beautiful.  We never saw, but I’m sure the sign on the top of the building, which faces the Mississippi, said Gold Medal all those years.  I’m guessing it still does.  Adjacent to these condos is the Gold Medal Museum, if you feel the need to find out about your history. The big yellow space on the left was actually a huge outdoor pillar outside our building.  Wanting to maintain the vertical feel, I chose to draw it in and fill it with Latin words as we’ve studied a lot of Latin. I chose the words that had a lot to do with family, since we were reunited with Grant.  I never did take a photo, but this little sketch brings back the memories in a much sharper and more memorable way.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sketching Portrait of Our Son

Doing some quick sketching in my small pad to keep my chops up. I never know what people are going to hire me for next, and sketching a wide variety of everything is always a good thing.  This wide variety of everything just happens to be our youngest son. :) 

I started this on a plane, minus the knife, of course.  It’s extremely sharp and works really well to sharpen my big fat pencils.  I’m not that good at it but it reminds me of my trip to Cuba and making music with the Cuban musicians.  When we needed to correct our music or make notes, I noticed that they could sharpen their pencils to deadly weapon status with a few strokes.  Sheesh!

Anyway, if you need me to do some artwork for you or sharpen your pencils, let me know. :)

Inspiring Flowers

One thing I miss about the North is the flowering trees.  Here I’m enjoying a nice crabapple.  We were lucky to be able to go to Minnesota during the beginning of the heavy flowering season.  My wooden ‘bracelet’ is one of my mom’s necklaces.  Intrepid person that she was, she went on a trip to Israel with a tour, leaving Dad home to work.  She got this there.  I’ve been wearing it a lot lately as it makes me feel close to her.  It’s been one year this month now that she died. Aren’t these flowers just gorgeous? 

Looks like I’m going to have to paint some crabapple flowers.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dave Barry Quote

Now and then we all just need to laugh.  So I put one of my favorite Dave Barry quotes onto a background of one of my paintings. Just in case you didn’t know, the difference between men and women. :). Haha! Just had to deviate from my art feed for this one as it has given me so many smiles.

Animal Magnet (ism)

I’m curious, of these six animals, which is your favorite? Because of a goofy sketch I did of a grizzled old lion, I began painting animals and haven’t been able to stop! Three of these paintings are still available and I always have these magnets and others for sale on my website. I love animals! Check me out at

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In the Art Studio with My Watercolors

This is, I think, the most honest art form for me.  When I’m tired or worn out, in a hurry or just needing to lay down some color, it usually comes back to something like this.  And it always seems to be an expression of flowers, to which I am so deeply and intricately connected. The layers of color, the compliments and the bleeds satisfy me in a very deep way.  Not to mention the highly pigmented, super bright QOR watercolors made by Golden.

Cookie Artist Palette

Seems a fitting way to end a year of art classes, doesn’t it?  NO, I didn’t make these; one of my students did. And they tasted even better than they looked! Yum. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Owl Graffiti Stickers

Pretty sure you need owl stickers. Find them on my website,  My first owl was a goofy sketch in one of my art classes that turned out to be really cute.  I was demoing (that’s a funny word to write; it looks like it should rhyme with boing.) I was DEMONSTRATING watercolor and collage.  After that I thought, ‘I could paint an owl...’ and here you have it!  If you buy ten stickers, message me to apply a discount.

Really love the colors and layers in my cartoony fellow.

Friday, May 11, 2018

My Sketch Pad

Working it out in my sketch pad. Sometimes just laying down some leftover paint on a couple pages can be inspiring.  I’ve had mulberries on the brain for several weeks since it’s picking time and I’m a nature girl. Mentally working out some designs, I happened upon these painted pages and it was the perfect place to lay down some ideas.

I look at my sketchpads as recipe books.  Something wonderful may come from this little sketch.  Maybe in a couple years, something ELSE wonderful and totally unrelated may come from this same sketch.  You never know.

And in the meantime, if anyone needs an artistic manicure, just come on over.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Art Studio Inspiration

This feed is supposed to be about art, but really, all art we create is just a cheap imitation of the art God creates.  This is my delphinium sporting what I think is one of the most perfect combination of blues in all creation, tying for first place with the bluebird.  Because we had such a nice cold winter and a long, cool spring, it’s on its second bloom. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

My Cat Painting

For this watchful cat I used our baby for inspiration as well as the Cheshire Cat.  Couldn’t resist that little quiet smile.  This one’s done mostly in bronzes and golds, and I’ve got gold behind a thin veneer of green and yellow paint for the eyes.  This makes the eyes glow like a cat’s in certain light.  Find him for sale along with a lot of other animal paintings at

God’s Beauty, My Garden

All nature rejoices at the beautiful rain we got last night.  My coleus certainly do!  These pretty babies make ME rejoice!  Wasn’t God good to give us beauty?  He didn’t have to do that.  A tiny reflection of Him.

These do well in the shade, and actually get dappled sunlight for several hours a day. So pretty, and really inspiring for this artist.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Work Behind a Painting

You usually don’t get to see the work behind a painting.  Here is some very basic, typical work I do when I’m choosing my colors. As shown, it usually ends up on some page in a cheap sketchbook where I’ve made previous notes.  Once I HAVE chosen the colors, I paint swatches in my permanent workbook and write down the colors and brand.  That way if in the future some client needs to have a painting repaired, I’ve got everything I need to remember what went in to it. 

When you have me paint a piece for you, you can have full confidence that my art is going to last because I use the best products, AND, if anything ever happens to your art, I can fix it for you!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Onion Painting

There is nothing like pen and watercolor for me. Actually, for this one I added acrylics and gold, so let me rephrase that... There is nothing like mixed media art for me.  One of my favorite things is layering the colors so that you can see the different colors blending through previous layers. As a musician I like complicated music layered with a lot of different instruments, beats, voices and harmonies going on simultaneously. The same goes for my taste in art. All this to say, isn’t this a lovely onion?  And the good news is that you too can own this complex beauty celebrating an aromatic blend of colors and mediums. Find it on my website,