Friday, June 17, 2011


I've been working in metals this week; here are some acanthus leaves that I worked up.

This pic shows the metal gessoed to a board.  I like getting the metal partially gessoed as well because it adds to the texture, makes it one with the board, and accepts staining, which will be my next step.

 Here's the plate after I stained it.  As I prefer the colors laid down loosely, I quickly paint them in, then rub most of it off with a cloth, making sure the metal shines through more in some places than in others.

It turned out that with this art-noveau style piece, the rosey colors really glowed through when laid on top of the copper.  I did a lot of scrubbing to get the textures really showing up on the gessoed places.

Here's my last one.  I'm taking these all down to the gallery tomorrow, so I guess you'll have to come and see me and buy them!

Photography isn't my strong suit, so I took two photos of this fun abstract.  The real colors are somewhere between the two. :)

Remember to come and see me in the gallery tomorrow!

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