Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here's a pretty big piece I did recently, which sold just today down at the gallery.  I think it was 20x24".  I call it Kaleidoscope, and wanted to demonstrate the wild, bright colors I can get using this medium.   Guess it's not too hard to see that I gravitate towards bright colors. You can also see a nice reflection of the sky in the upper right hand corner.  Hey, nobody said I had to be a great art photographer (although it would be very nice!)

The picture below is a cutaway to give an example of the detail.  This particular painting took me about eight separate settings to put together, mostly because I needed a 24 hour dry time between layering.  I'm glad it sold because I really love it and will like knowing that someone else will be enjoying it too.


  1. Wow ... this is amazing, and I'm glad you included the close up shot. The layers are fluid and with beautiful colors.

  2. Excellent, I love this painting beautiful shapes and colors with beautiful transitions. Really lovely.

  3. Thanks so much, ladies. I spent some time painting tonight, too - love Thanksgiving week! A bit of a slowdown in our normal schedule. God bless you this week.