Sunday, April 15, 2018

Painting In Studio

Here’s a typical scene in my studio. My Yeti filled with tea, of course, and some acrylics ready to start a new painting.  As you can see, I also have my sketch pad out. I often keep a pad nearby to work out problems or record colors. Often I’ll clean off my brushes onto the pad as well, or do a mini painting similar to the canvas. Anyway, as you can see on my IPad, I’m looking at some photos of kalanchoes from our garden. Spring is inspiring!

What you see on my sketch pad is the first layer of paint.  On the canvas and on this pad I plan to do many layers with clear glazes, so that you can see through the colors. Not sure at this point, but I’m guessing there will probably be about 12 layers.  I’ll know when I get toward the end, of course. 

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