Thursday, February 6, 2020

Painting Classically

Here we go again.  I’ve been working these two paintings together; the painting in the bottom photo is finished and now I’m doing the serious work on its mate.  A little progress report so you can see how I work.  FYI, it’ll be a while before I get good photos of these as they’re all golds and blacks.  Where you see the light reflecting glows, so it’s hard to photograph.  It should be a challenge for a photographer’s camp or something.

Always the thumbnails first.  And yes, my phone is a mess.  That’s because I USE it.  The sticker is one of my paintings; I sell stickers on my etsy site and my Society6 site.
Background done, so it begins.

Hello, Fibonacci!  You know I love you.
Here’s the finished one.  They’ll be a beautiful pair.

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