Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Veterans Memorial Sculpture in The Woodlands

I just joined the Woodlands Art League!  Went to my first meeting this week and was inspired by a very motivated artist that gave us an inspiring demonstration in oils.  Made me run to my paintbrushes today.

There was a really nice article in The Woodlands Villager this week about the sculptor, Edd Hayes, who is creating the military statue of Cory Kosters and Zach Endsley, two of the first young men in this area to have died in the war (Iraq and Afghanistan.)  While he's working on the sculpture, he's basing himself at the Woodlands Art League gallery, in Market Street.  He's parked right in the front window so you can go down and watch him work and ask questions.

Both Cory and Zach were close friends of my oldest son.  It was a terrible time as they died only a few months apart.  We will certainly never forget them.  Now, thanks to Mr. Hayes, others will remember as well.


  1. I will soon be joining you at the Woodlands Art League...I've been meaning to join for a while now, I'm excited and hope to meet you there! Thanks for the post!!

  2. Cool - we finally get to meet! I was impressed. They're organized and there are a lot of go-getters involved - that I could see in the first meeting. It was also really nice just to be with other artists!