Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dead Trees!

Okay, here's a very unusual occurrence for you.

My son is in a choir which lasts one hour.  It's really not long enough to drive anywhere, so I usually sit in the car and draw.  For a very busy lady, sitting in my car for almost an hour drawing is a real treat!

Well, Sunday night I sat in the car looking for something to draw.  Behold!  A dead tree!  Just the trunk with cool dead branches sticking out! Perfect.

There I sat, sketching out my dead tree textures when I got a phone call.  It was a friend doing a show with another theatre company.  They're working up the show, "Into the Woods."

She was sewing a dead tree costume and wanted to know if I'd paint a dead tree on the costume for a couple free tickets.

I told her I'd love to, and mentioned that I was sketching a dead tree at that moment.

Not sure if she believed me...


  1. I love it! I'm just now getting into the way you watercolor it!

  2. Hi, Rayanne! Thanks!
    With my little purse sketchpad, I catch quick sketches wherever I am. In my purse I carry three Pigma pens, usually a .01, a 1 and a 3, which is a wedge. This one will do fine lines or fill in a lot of pigment - like a flat brush.

    Then, when I get home, it's just time to play and lay on the color. I'm coming over to your blog to see what YOU'RE doing tonight! :)

  3. haha, how weird is that??? i guess you are definitely meant to paint the trees! have a good weekend painting. :)

  4. Thanks, Linda. Tomorrow morning - four hour hike in woods enjoying God's handiwork, then an appointment to get my hair done. Sounds like a great day to me! Maybe painting tomorrow night.

  5. I guess it is true what they say ... always be prepared:)

    thank you for your sweet comment about your kitty's playtime on my blog.

  6. Yeah, 'always be prepared,' just like a Boy Scout. An artist's preparation, drawing, drawing, drawing, painting, painting, painting. Like M. C. Escher once said, 'My art is a game. A very serious game.' Always enjoy your blog!

  7. I love how dark and moody this piece is. Love the dark blue and the the way you incorporated the tree and the lettering.

  8. Thanks, Shelley. This is typical of my purse sketchbooks - they catch everything. I'm going to come and see what YOU'RE doing!