Saturday, February 23, 2013

Step #2, An Artist's Process for a Large Painting

I forgot to mention that I told them I would do this as a triptych.  With a piece this size, that just adds to stability, and otherwise it's just too unwieldy to move around, or do practically anything!  We plan on butting them up right against each other.

Okay, here's part two.  These are 3/4" panels, and you're looking at the back of them right now.  I labeled each one 'Back' with an arrow pointing which way I want up.  I chose these sides to be the back because they're the knotty ones.

Because there are oils incorporated in the process of pressing this type of wood together, I needed to seal them, or the oils would eventually work their way out and damage the painting.  So... next step - seal it with an acrylic polymer.  Step #2 - done!  Sealed.  All edges, front and back.  Aren't they lovely?

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