Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Second Place Prizewinner

This is probably the brightest painting I've ever done.  I pretended I was a Fauvist (French for wild beast.)  The Fauvists got their name because they were using bright colors and considered wild beasts by the critics.

My second place prize winner, I call it 'Safe.'  This was second place in the Professional Mixed Media category.

For this piece, I chose wax blocks, crayons and liquid acrylics.  First I drew the nest, and after that I fairly poured paint.  If you look closely, it looks like the blues at the bottom are receding and the hot colors come out.  I worked to make the eggs glow, drawing attention there.

All works that were awarded ribbons will be headed for the LSAG show in July at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center.  It's for sale for $300.00.

The LSAG show will be in conjunction with the Artist Expo Houston, 
This will be a great chance to take art classes in many mediums, and enjoy an exhibit hall stuffed with art supplies, along with viewing the judged show and sale.

I will be teaching two metal embossing classes - to view the catalog, check out this site:

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