Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Prizewinner - Good for a Laugh

Hello, Wonderful People.
You know, it's not often one of my paintings is a prizewinner where the prize is a $20.00 gift card to Orange Leaf!  (Orange Leaf is a yummy but expensive frozen yogurt place.)

At church Wednesday night we had an "Orange You Glad It's Summer" party.  We were to wear orange costumes and bring orange food to share, and there were going to be prizes for  best dressed and best presentation of orange food. There is absolutely no orange in my wardrobe.  At all.

But I decided I was going to work on the food category.  So, in my typical fashion, I decided what I would do the day before, and about four hours before the event found a 'platter.'  My platter was 3/4" foam board, which I cut with my handy dandy Leatherman.

Knowing that blue is the compliment of orange, I chose two blues and laid them down with a credit card, sloppily covering the foam board in about two minutes.  I was sure to give it some nice blending and texture in spots.  Then I was casting about  for what I could paint on the board that was orange.  Picture me in my studio looking around whispering 'orange... orange... orange..."  Okay, I planned to do this the day before, but hadn't put much thought into it, obviously.

My eyes lit upon the credit card I was using... actually a gift card to Whole Foods or some similar place.  It had an octopus on it.  Octopus!  That's it!  Eureka!

Once I had my eureka moment, I squirted out some bright orange and a nice cadmium red and laid them down fast and thick.  This step probably took me four minutes.

Remove to sunshine for a fast dry.  People are going to eat off this in a couple hours....

Meanwhile, I went down and cut up a bunch of yummy oranges, and opened up the orangish candy we had purchased the previous day.  Orange slices onto paper towels and back into the fridge.

We went to church and kept them separate (extra dry time for that acrylic).  I laid it all out immediately before we ate and WON!!!!!  Yay!!!!!

Here it is.  I ended up putting most of the oranges in a bowl adjacent, because I didn't want to obliterate my art.  And yes, they're Jelly Bellys. :)
FYI, Noah and I went out for frozen yogurt last night.  We have $3.82 left on that card.

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