Friday, December 18, 2015

De-Mystifying a Commission, Part Three (Final)

Here's the almost-final.  Wow.  I love it.

I'm going to talk you through a few choices I made.

First, you can still see the red chalk lines - see them?  I used these to lay out the perspective lines to give the buildings the right proportions and correct angles.  I actually really like them left in and did a painting of Big Ben in which I left the chalk lines and varnished them down.  Anyway, I gave my client the choice of leaving in chalk lines or removing them, and he chose to have them removed.  Easy fix.

There is a little bit of work I have remaining in darkening slightly some parts of some buildings to make the entire painting flowing and cohesive.  Those things will be subtle and barely noticeable to anyone but ME, but it will make the viewer more comfortable.  Just little tweeks.

Also, before I began, I told the client I was planning on having the sunset showing through the buildings, so he already approved that.  However, I left a couple buildings really very transparent BECAUSE - with acrylics you can always ADD, but you can never REMOVE.  They're going to come over to discuss any final changes and then I'll do the final adjustments.  After that - varnish - a couple days to dry - and voila!  Beautiful piece!  This one is big and bright, so it's going to make a STATEMENT! :)

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