Monday, December 14, 2015

The Continuing Saga of... The Artist's Desk

Yeah.  My desk.  Usually I keep my studio door shut when I'm not operating, but I must have  left it cracked this time.

I also am pretty fastidious about NOT setting drinks anywhere near the spill-zone of electronics, art or books, but, alas... I did it.  It was an oversized, lidded Chic fil A cup containing water.  Water, thank goodness!

One of our cats apparently decided to explore and knocked it over, spilling water all over my desk and down into the slightly cracked drawer.  Here's my drawer insert pulled out to let the drawer itself dry, and wet contents spilled all over my (nice pristine) carpet to dry.  Yep.  The artist's desk.

We have officially become 'those cat people,' logging in at four cats.  Each has a different personality, and although I was sleeping, I KNOW who did this.  Old Man.  Old Man, called Bones by my husband, really pretty much loves knocking things over.  And he's clumsy.  Imagine, a clumsy cat.  And although he does knock a lot of stuff down by accident, we've witnessed on-purpose meanderings, too.  Pretty sure he did this one on purpose.

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