Monday, June 16, 2014

Artist Trading Card Group (ATC) - Fun!

 In the summertime I always try to do something new, because the rest of the year I don't have time to even THINK about it!  If I've carved a few new paths during the summer, then it's easy to continue them.

A couple weeks ago I joined an artist's trading card group.  You know, we are ever-hopeful people - walking optimistically out to our mailboxes each day, dreaming they might 'today' be stuffed with personal letters, cards from friends, money and gifts.  Alas, it is generally the opposite case.

So... I joined an artist's trading card group.
Pretty simple premise, different trade themes are posted, and if you want to join - then join!  Mail the three little pieces of art you've made off to the host and she'll send you back three lovely little surprises.  If I were the Cat in the Hat, I'd call it 'Fun in a Box!'

These are my first two themed trades which I sent off - the above one was 'By the Sea,' and the second picture shows the cards I made under the theme 'Postage Stamps.'  The only rule for that one was that each card had to have a real postage stamp included.

So... if I'm not home, you may find me hopefully skipping out to see if there's 'fun in the box!'

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  1. These are beautiful! You are very talented! I am sure you must hear that all the time!