Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Beginnings of a Painting, Part 2

 Okay, here is the painting in its next stage.  I should begin by saying that one of my private art students was a cutter, and is healing now.  It's a tough road, and our lessons and times together have been good art therapy for her, I pray.

Here are the arms, outlines now painted.  I laid down thick black paint for the cut marks on the arm.  These will be painted over with skin tones, but I wanted the texture of the cuts to already be present.

Next step was to mix the paint.  Remember, acrylics dry very quickly, so you have to have all the paints ready immediately.

I mix them in cheap containers, spray them with water and cover them tightly.  I also mix them with a product that slows drying time.

 Set up takes a lot of time...

 Yep.  A lot of time, just in preparation.

In all honesty, we have dealt with a lot of issues in 2014.  My daughter's boyfriend took his life.  A good friend of mine took his life.  One of my students was committed for suicidal ideations and cutting, and one of my former students was commited for suicidal ideations and depression. 

This is real, people.  Depression is real.  Do not EVER tell people they can just get over it, or believe that they are just looking for attention if they talk suicide.  There are many ways to get and give help.  The greatest help, I believe, is Christ Jesus.  He is ready.  There.  Waiting to help you.  All he is waiting for is a call from you.
This shows how I've got it set up in my studio.  The photo on the right was my first work - photographing my idea!  I had my son, Grant, and one of his friends pose for me in a hundred ways.  Micah stood up on a chair, and pulled Grant up.  I kept telling them to put their muscle into it and Micah would reply, 'I'm holding his entire weight!'  Grant pulled down and Micah pulled up, because I wanted the strain and struggle to show.

Anyway, I stuck it up on one easel so I could use it for a reference.  My color charts and some cutter's arms are hung around the studio for quick reference as well.  Finding cutter's arms was the worst work ever.  I was sick to my stomach by the time I finished that part.  There has been nothing easy about this painting, and I feel like I'm going to have to cleanse myself when I finally finish.  Good thing my next commission is a tuba painting!

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of 'BEGINNINGS OF A PAINTING!'

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