Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tribute to Tony Motto, Woodlands Online Person of the Year

Just found out this morning that Tony received the Woodlands Online's Person of the Year.  Here is my own tribute:

Tony, we miss you. You were many things to many people. To me, you were a friend. Fun, ready with a laugh, planning and pushing, standing up for what you believed in, busy, and always stubbornly forwarding your causes. I always wondered that you could do so much! Some of my paintings are still hanging in a show you curated. The art trading card nights you planned were always fun and we had many fruitful discussions. The Artist Expo was profitable in many ways, and I loved teaching there. I and my students loved your sculpture tours, and when I drive around The Woodlands and see the sculptures, I look at them differently. Your enthusiasm was contagious, and I could count on your sense of humor. Always one to be in the center of a group, there are now many holes in many groups where you are not. Many miss you, Tony, and so do I.

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