Friday, May 29, 2015

Another Painting Sold! ...and Another...

Painting sold! I can't show a picture of it or talk about it because it's a birthday surprise for someone.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

What I CAN tell you is how the Lord has blessed us.

My husband was 'dismissed' from his job of 16 years recently.  Yep.  He's starting his own business, actually, has always wanted to do this, but that's all wrapped up in having four kids, school, life and fear.  I'm guessing you all know about that.  Well, it's defintely time now!

We have four kids, three are adults.  Those three have been looking for jobs for a long time and the market isn't exactly welcoming these days.  Right around the time Gary lost his job, those three were blessed with good jobs.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you for the visible sign that your hand is upon us.

My own business is picking up, too.  Just yesterday someone else told me she wanted a particular painting, but I can't talk about that one right now, either.  Soon for you.

If you want to be busy for a lifetime doing varied work, never knowing exactly where you will be led or what you will be doing at any given moment in time, try artist.  I can't do as much as people ask, and just seem to be getting busier!  Right now I'm facing website setting-upping (yuck).  This intimidates me but I am feeling a desperate need for it.

Also, I'm really badly needing to make nice giclees, and can't sell this second-mentioned painting until I get that in place.

So, if any of you have recommendations for those things, let me know.

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