Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birthday Party - Looks like Fun!

Well, here we are again, looking at my desk. Today it looks pretty colorful.  Today, it's my gathering place for a fun girl-party I was hired to do.  It's now evening; I did the party today, and it was just a delight!

Is it possible for a birthday party for 13 year old girls to NOT be fun? Mom's agenda included some fun art and she gave me almost two hours to play with girls.

I opted to teach them how to do artist trading cards (ATCs) and we did two complete sets to trade with each other, each with multiple layers.

For a party like this, I wanted them to be able to experience as many types of mediums as they could, and we covered a bunch.

Let's see, we did
- Contour drawing with pens
- Painting with watercolors
- Stamping
- Scraping acrylics with credit cards
- Watercolor Crayons
- Working with gel mediums
- Splatter painting with liquid acrylics
- Adding layers of glitter - of course - we're GIRLS!
- Probably something else I can't remember

Anyway, at the end, everyone signed and traded their work, and we gathered addresses so they can trade new cards by mail.  Pretty sure they'll be running to their mailboxes all summer. :)

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