Friday, May 15, 2015

My Desk - Working on Canvas Backgrounds

I'm starting a new series of paintings.  First in line - tuba commission.  School is out now, and it's time to PAINT!!  As you have seen in previous posts, my tuba commission is well along the way, but now it's time to put all that work to canvas.

This shows my desk, once again, but you only get a sneak preview of anything that looks like canvas.  Today I was able to lay down first layers on three canvases, and the final background layer on my tuba canvas.

This is all you get to see right now - I have to have some surprises!  This particular canvas that you see a corner of is destined to be a German Shepherd.  I'm going to do the dog in warm colors, hence the cool background.  You can see some warms peeking out from one of my earlier layers.  I got the idea from two of my students - they have the grandest German Shepherd I've ever seen!  I already did a pen drawing of him that turned out really nice.  I'll post it for you later.

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