Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bear Painting, Part Three

All right, Mr. Bear is all laid down.  Proportions are all correct, most of  that left-brain work is done.  Now comes the fun part.  This is where I thin the paint, in my case today it's Payne's Grey, and lay down some gradiated values, chiaroscuro, if you will.

After that comes the fun part - adding in the colors.  I work around the painting, the entire painting at once, to lay down colors that compliment the background.  This part of the painting process is definitely the most fun part.
The differences between the two pictures I have here are subtle.  This process has taken me a few days because I want to make sure it's balanced and that there aren't any gratuitous marks.

I've left the eyes for last, so they're not done yet.  That will be the very last step.

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