Saturday, August 1, 2015

Final on Bear Painting! "Oh, My!"

Yay!  The final!  I decided to leave my eyes a little off kilter to go with the eyebrows.  It gives him, I think, a contemplative, quizzical look, and I like it.  Maybe just a little bit goofy.

One little aspect that photos can't show is that he has a beautiful glaze of thin gold from his forehead down over his nose.  You can see the blues and whites through it, but that gold glaze really catches the light and reflects beautifully. It warms him up and makes you love him.

I went around the eyes quite a few times, wiping off paint and crayon a number of times to get them just right. Although I've gone around the eyes all these times, I'm still making sure that the under painting shows through, including a gold splat on his left eye.  For me at least, perfection is boring. Although I greatly admire Bouguereau, one of my favorite artists, another of my favorite artists, Peter Max, found Bouguereau very inspiring, too.  And Peter Max's work is definitely not perfectionistic like Bouguereau's!  Little surprises like a gold splat in one eye make for much more fun viewing, at least from my viewpoint.

 Last step, the gleam.

I've decided to name this painting, 'Oh, My!'

Yes, he is for sale.  24" x 30"   $700.00 out of my home, $800.00 once I get him to the Gallery. He needs a good home!

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