Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Continuing Saga of... (cue music) AN ARTIST’S DESK

Between each project I clean my desk and clear off all the stuff.  Okay, not ALL the stuff, but a goodly portion! Then I lay out the tools of my trade with a surgeon’s precision, albeit not that sterile, for the next great work. The brushes laid out here indicate I’m working small, which means I’m either painting a small project or working on a BIG project and getting close to being finished. Generally when I work big, I keep to big brushes for as long as possible and switch to the smaller brushes when they start to feel unwieldy. I think this keeps my work looking fresh and more immediate. And yes, I am getting close to the end of a big project.  Can’t show you yet because it’s a commission.  Dream about a painting you’d like to have and ask! I work within everyone’s budget. My email address is

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