Sunday, April 21, 2013

My TARDIS Auctioned Off! I am with the happy couple that bought my door.  They won the auction bids for it and ended up paying $1,100.00.  They were so thrilled to meet me, it was fun talking with them.  They'd been texting pics of it home to their daughter, since she's a huge Dr. Who fan.  In their texts, they never mentioned that they were actually going to bid on the door, or that they won the bid themselves.  They decided they were going to surprise her!

All twelve artists' doors were moved all around Montgomery County.  One of the sponsors told me they were carrying mine in to a store, and someone screamed 'There's the TARDIS!!'  She said they about dropped the door.  Ha, ha.  Anyway, it was a wonderful gala, a fun filled (and a little tense during the bidding) evening that we all enjoyed.  Our gallery raised a lot of money for Habitat for Humanity that very special evening.

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