Monday, April 8, 2013

Stupid Dancing Blow Up Guys, Part 2

I'm actually working backwards on this one - and of course, there's a story behind this.

We finished school on a particular day and Noah and I decided upon one of our favorite haunts - Panera Bread.  Driving up, we parked.  As the car got still, we kind of sank into our seats in the quietness and took a breath.

Sitting there, we looked to the other side of the parking lot where one of those stupid blow up guys was flinging himself around.  Not only that, they'd put him too close to the building, so he was continually throwing himself against the bricks and coming up with all kinds of crazy contortions. 

Noah suggested that we go in, get our lunch (ciabatta with tomato and mozzarella for me, a grilled turkey and cheese for Noah, with caramel frappacinos, no whip, for the both of us. :)

I load stories on my phone, and we are currently listening to the entire Sherlock Holmes library, so
that sounded like a pretty prospect!

So... we got our lunch, came out and had a nice lunch con Sherlock Holmes while watching the stupid blow up guy toss himself about!  It was a very pleasant lunch!

The first half page of pictures above is the first one I did to accompany my digestion.  Just couldn't resist, and as I always carry a small sketchpad and a plethora of drawing paraphernalia, I was ready!
 The first three guys were totally fun to draw, so I flipped and started a new page.  Then I flipped and did another!  Couldn't stop!

I've always thought of these guys as totally dumb but something struck me that day and I enjoyed my little sketching time. 

After that, I showed these pages to a number of people (stupid blow up guys do often come up in casual conversation, you know!)  Each time, we all got a good laugh and I came to enjoy these guys as my friends.

Took a week or two before I had to do a full painting of them.  And that's what you'll find below!

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