Sunday, April 28, 2013

Urban Art Show Piece

We're having an 'Urban Art' show soon and I was casting around for what I've got that looks urban.  Put this one together this weekend, and I'm calling it 'My Town,' it being Houston.

Pulling out this flowing background, I turned it to make the colors look like they were rising from the city.  The second step was to go outside and pull out the spray cans.  As I had a hot background, I spurted on some blue paint to tone down a couple places, and also lead the eye up into the sky from the city.

I've been leading some of my classes through mixed media, lately, and pulled together an assortment of things for this piece, lots of colors from a Houston magazine, paper from the Chronicle, a clothing tag, film, pictures and words from theatre and ballet shows downtown, some Picasso advertisements, as they're showing his black and white works right now.  Music is really important to me, so I added some sheet music from a show I played.  I also collaged some fairly thick, dried acrylic paint to it for texture.

Once I had added all this, it was one BRIGHT painting!  Once again, I traipsed outside, and pulled out the black and blue spray cans.  All that required were a few well-aimed shots.  My goal was to tone it down a bit around the bottom and right side to lead the eyes over to the spots that I left brighter.  At that point, all I had to do was dig around for the leaky spray can and carefully spray a few dribbling blobs into particular places.  I just like these for the fast, graffiti feel.

Altogether pleased.  Now, all I have to do is give it one more coat of varnish and I'm ready for the Urban show!

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