Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stupid Blow Up Dancing Guys

Not long ago my son and I went to Panera Bread to eat.  As I load stories onto my phone, we were listening to Sherlock Holmes.  He suggested we run in and get our food and come out, sit in the car and listen.

Sounded like a good idea.  We ended up with the added bonus and great good fortune of being able to watch one of those stupid blow up dancing guys in front of a business as we ate.  We enjoyed the good fortune of it being set up too closely to the building, so the poor thing was throwing himself against the bricks.

Made for good entertainment!  When I was done with my sandwich, I began to sketch.  (More later, I have six minutes to get ready to leave...)  I'll finish the story about 10:00 p.m......)

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