Thursday, January 28, 2016

Glimpse at an Artist's Studio

This is a continuation of... An Artist's Desk...   Part 68.

This may look like a jumble, but believe it or not, I know exactly where everything is, and that's a feat as many art supplies are un-put-awayable!

I've got a couple paintings on the wall... I try to do self portraits a couple times a year.  Some I spend a long time, some I only spent minutes on.  This one I named Gold Earrings, celebrating my first pair of REALLY BIG gold earrings.  I guess I came to this late in life, but if I had laid down $500.00 on a good pair of gold earrings thirty years ago, I sure would have saved a lot of money.  Now when I look at jewelry I think, "Well, I'd rather wear my gold earrings," - so I don't buy them!  Ladies, try that the next time you look at fine jewelry. :)  I didn't work to make the likeness much like my own features - and I exaggerated my eyes and the glasses, also a celebration of all these goofy heavy frames we are all wearing.

Let's see... three pears... an experiment that turned out rather happy... my cat next to that, painted on top of a fun project including many kids and a lot of splashed paint...

A stunningly gorgeous dress purse... they're just too pretty to put away when you're not using them.  Enjoy your things, people!  Don't put them away!

My drying/storage rack.  When I do particular types of painting I can have twenty wet things laying around.  This comes in handy!  Mostly, I keep finished work on it to preserve it, and mats, matting board, etc.

Brush jars containing all sorts of lovely things, including three beautiful lollies.  I love lollipops!  Because they're beautiful!  I usually never eat them, just enjoy their colorful riot of colors, and then finally toss them after I'm done with looking.

What else... a couple sketchpads that wandered the world with me in my purse.  I refer back to old sketchbooks like recipe books, devouring and enjoying them afresh.  Oftentimes they will spark an idea or begin a painting for me.  Sometimes when I'm tired I'll just look through them and relive memories.  Having taken the time to make a sketch, it brings back the sounds, smells and atmosphere with roaring accuracy, much more than a photo ever could.  Precious.

A stack of paintings leaning against the wall having a party - the one you can see is Abstract con Limons.  Love the layered colors and the way one side plays with the other side.

That's about it!  Can't reveal ALL my secrets!  Stay tuned for more from (music plays dramatically) "An Artist's Studio!"

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