Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Continuing Saga of... The Artist's Desk

I've had many posts of my continually changing desk through the months; here's another one!
Let's see... window first, I guess... don't we all have Starbucks mugs from somewhere?  London... one of my favorite places.... *sigh...*

Next to that a can with, well, a stick in it.  Don't we all need a stick now and then? :) This particular one has really nice markings from some nice little buggies that hatched from eggs within the bark and made their ever-enlarging tunnels throughout, turning the wood into a labyrinth.

The red mug - my penny whistle - we all need a tune now and then.  This is the flutist's answer to immediacy.  Various brushes and pallet knives... these brushes represent about five percent of my brush collection.  An empty spray paint can so that I can remember that particular brand and paint...

Pencils, watercolor pencils, layout pencils, markers, charcoal pencils...

Oh!  One of my MOST IMPORTANT tools - an old paintbrush.  Splattering paint, mainly.  Also various scrubbing and dribbling.  And you never know when you might need to brush your teeth when you're sitting at your desk (yes, sarcasm intended!)

What else? Oh, good old Liquatex glosses.  I use these all the time.

Gorilla Glue - an absolute necessity.  Have you ever noticed how pretty much any glues you buy end up with lids that don't work?  Of course they glue themselves shut... they're glue!  I just leave mine open since I pried the lid off, and use the finger of a glove and a rubber band to keep it airtight.

The little pot in the bottom corner is General's brush cleaner.  Can't live without it.  It not only cleans your brushes, but if you leave it IN your brush, paint can't dry into it and you get the added benefit of bristle conditioning.  Maybe I should use it on my hair!  Seriously, in theater I give a lesson on brush care and have saved them hundreds of dollars in paintbrushes.  If you ever need a lesson on brush care, come to me.  They can last a lifetime, or maybe just a day, depending on how you treat them.

Oh, another important tool - toilet paper!  Can't live without it, can we? Next to that is a little piece of metal I embossed, waiting for me to get inspired as to what to mount it on.

That's it for ... The Artist's... Desk.  You can find a number of posts like this if you look at the right hand side of my blog and look for the same title.  Goodbye for now!

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