Thursday, October 4, 2018

Progress on Octopus Painting

Here you can see how the octopus painting I just finished progressed.  First I worked it up in charcoal with lots of rubbing out and movement. Once I got the composition the way I wanted I laid in some thin Payne’s Grey to set it up for color and get the contrasts balanced.  My next post will show the progression of color.  This piece is 24”x30”

I think all the swishy movement adds to it, but most of it will come off in the end.
Here you can see I’m laying in paint now.
Establishing and balancing values...

I like it already! However, time to get rid of some of that movement; I’m going to wash the charcoal off once the paint is dry.  Next time I post you’ll see how it progresses in color. :). Oh, man, I love painting!

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