Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lino Printing in my Advanced Art Class

In my advanced art class I’m teaching my students linoleum printing.  Oh, what FUN!  As a woodcarver I have found that this is soo much easier, ever so relaxing and beautiful as well. And once you get those printing blocks carved, you can go into printing production until the house burns down around you and you realize you haven’t eaten for three days.

Below are some of the linoleum blocks carved, and some of the printed works below them.  You see varying darknesses of ink; the second printing in a go is called the ‘ghost’ and I often prefer it to the first printing.

This one is a little print I made and laid out in the classic fashion.

I love printing on top of already painted works.  For me it’s all about layers. And here, some of our tools.

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