Monday, October 8, 2018

Sketching with James Galway

These show my concert experience last night. James Galway. Master flutist who over his extraordinary career has played for kings, queens, presidents... every great hall and orchestra there is, and with innumerable  star performers. He’s sold over 30 million ‘albums;’ I guess these days music comes in so many forms that you now call it a unit. What a special privilege to enjoy him last night.  

Without any miking, his flute rang through the hall with that unmatchable, glittery tone, and he kept up a running narration showing his good humor.  At one point the music was so funny he cracked up, then the pianist did, and we were all laughing. Just like any musician’s practice, they had to stop and laugh.  They began again in jolly camaraderie. 

 Before the concert I sketched the piano whilst waiting, and this is what I had him sign.  He liked my piano. :). 

He looks pretty good for age 79! Knowing his legend, I scoped things out at intermission and found out where his signing table would be.  At the end of the concert I walked to the back of the auditorium (second row seat in the handicapped section for some reason, with no chair in front!) Anyway, he played the second encore I was outta there and standing at the table.  Sure enough, I was the first of at least 300 people in line for an autograph and a short little chat. :). SWEET!

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