Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Step #6, An Artist's Process for a Large Painting

 These are many of my students who are helping me with our project for the Pregnancy Assistance Center North as they move in to their new building.  I'm having my high schoolers and my Art 2 class students each paint a 12"x12" square painting to give as a gift to the Center.

I'm painting a 6'x9' painting, but that's not the only thing involved in this project, as you can see.  My students are also donating baby formula, wipes, diapers, etc. for the PACN.

Love these high schoolers; they're so much fun!

 Here's one of my younger groups; they got to do their own paintings, but I'm letting them keep them to decorate their bedrooms.  That's important, too!

I really love this picture - the Blue Man Group has nothing on us, man.

More young students.  Oh what a fun group you guys are!

This was the 'make a funny face' picture.  Love it!

Pretty much everyone's hands looked like this.

High schoolers.

Even my paint sticks were colorful by the end of classes.  Looks better than some of my paintings!

These guys are cool dudes.  We were out there in the big winds today.  Whew!

Here they are showing off the bottoms of their painted feet.

We had a little, uh, paint-in-the-hair problem.  When discovered, we had a little feminine camaraderie in the bathroom. I like the triangle shape in this photo.  Such fun girls!

Oh, what silly times we have!  Looks like a theatre class!

Just trying to keep the pavement (relatively) clean!

The photographer told us all to do the chicken dance thing; you can tell who the dummy was that fell for THAT one!

We were all a little windblown by this time, but very happy.

More painted hands.

He deserved his neck lock there; we were photographing painted people and he was inside washing up!

Lots of happy hands.

And painted, uh, everythings.

He couldn't fit his hand into the pic for some reason, so we put his entire body in.

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