Friday, March 8, 2013

Step #7, An Artist's Process for a Large Painting

 Okay, we're slowly getting there.  With big paintings (this one is 6'x9', in three panels) it takes a lot of time to do the prep work.

Here I enlisted #2 son and #3 son to help gesso the panels.  Before that, Grant and I got out ye ol' power sander and went at it again.  Grant's been doing some paintings of his own, and we've been enjoying the driveway painting together.

The weather was clear with a low of 54 degrees, so I took the chance and left them out in the driveway. 

I've been gathering paints.  Here they are having a little love fest while they wait for me to finish sanding and gessoing.

All right!  FINALLY!  You've heard 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration?  Well, sometimes art can be 90% work and 10% fun.  Now, it's finally time for the fun.  Painting!

I've got the cartoon laid out.

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