Saturday, March 9, 2013

Step #10, An Artist's Process for a Large Painting

 Today was a busy day as well.  I began by gathering materials once again, and varnishing my students' paintings.  They're hanging around having conferences and dinner parties everywhere - in our house, in the garage, in my car...

Here's the brush I'm using for the entire painting.  It's a 2" flat.  I'm disciplining myself to use only this, to keep the painting looking very painterly with obvious brushwork.

Here's your interesting fact of the day; if you have fingernail polish on your nails, paint positively adheres to it.  Oh, well.

First step of the morning - paint in some shadows and details in the foothills to give them some dimension.  I also began adding some plants in the foreground.

More plants.  The vaguest tracery of a tree on the right hand side.

Ahhh... here's the little tree.  All greens and blues, with yellows on the sunny side of the street.

As the clouds are yellow in that spot, I added a tall pine in lush purples and blues to work the complimentary angle.

On the opposite side, the left panel, I did a tree in mostly greens and turquoise.  It's really hot on the bottom with the compliment of oranges/fuschias, and pleasantly cool with the sky background of blues and violets.

Here I've got this panel laying down because I wanted to do some drip/spatter painting.  Right after that, as it laid there with really wet, drippy paint, the wind kicked up and neighbors started blowing the street and raising dust.  We had to bring everything into the house.
As it's supposed to rain tomorrow, the paintings will remain inside.  I still have some details to lay in, and need to paint the edge.

I hope to finish the painting by Monday.  After that, some drying time, and then I'll varnish it. 

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