Friday, March 8, 2013

Step #8, An Artist's Process for a Large Painting

 Here's another one of my classes.  And yes, this is actually part of the process for my large painting.

Knowing PACN's need for cheery paintings on their walls to brighten things up, I am having a number of my students paint 12x12" paintings.

Here we are - AFTER painting our 12x12s, painting Matthew.  He deserves it because he's moving away from us.

Got him!

It's been really fun having eight girls and ONE boy in this class!

Somebody got patted on the cheek...

Painted feet.
And hands.
And jeans.
And socks.

A well-deserved rest.

This is my car.  It usually looks like this.  And it's often packed to the gills.  I call it the art mobile.

One step closer to having everything ready for the Pregnancy Assistance Center. :)

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