Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Artist's Desk - Poetry

Hello, Wonderful People,
You know, it seems that my desk does not often enough have PAINTING TOOLS on it, but alas, that is life for us all, methinks.

Over the years I have written a lot of poetry.  For the most part, I have cherished it myself, and shared it with only the very few whom it would most closely affect.  Recently, someone I've never met found a poem on my blog and asked if she could use it at her sister's memorial service.  It made me realize that I'm being selfish not to put these poems of life out there.  Wherever 'there' is, I'm not sure as yet.

So, my desk is covered with poetry that I'm gathering from the spider-webby portions of our computer and various other dusty places.
I've illustrated others' books - maybe it's time I do my own.  Maybe I'll put these together and illustrate them.  Hmmm....

My poetry is very meaningful and poignant, moving.  The poem shown on top of the stack is one I wrote after returning from Cuba.  Two completely separate worlds.  At the left you see a little sketch and some jotted notes - this is usually how a new painting idea comes about.

There's a paint roller by my (Paris map purchased in Paris) coffee cup - always a favorite with my students.  My art 1 students and I will be doing messy outdoor painting today - YAY!  One of my favorite things is to get messy with kids.  So much fun!  We will be painting with latex and acrylics, painting with credit cards, dripping, throwing... ahh, yes.  Springtime.

Up in the far left corner you see another stack of papers - highschool graduation requirements.  As homeschoolers we are plotting Noah's high school path.  For homeschoolers, that means planning NOW, in March, for the following school year, 2015/2016.  As a teacher, I am already taking registrations for that year as well.  Here we go again!  Another adventure!

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