Friday, March 20, 2015

Continuing Sage of the Artist's Desk

Here we are again, sitting at my desk.  I've just finished some big paintings, actually about five.  Plus a couple of duds that we don't want to talk about.Yesterday I purchased four more frames and have quite a lot of framing under glass to do, one of my most difficult jobs.

In the meantime, it's finally time to play.  I sat down yesterday afternoon and decided to do some fast watercolors.  I guess one of my favorite mediums is pen and, let's say, watery paint.  In this case, it's watercolors.  Each of these began in a similar way.

Inspiration.  Need inspiration.

When I need inspiration, I often go to my picture files.  In the case of the clarinet, I have a commission to paint a tuba for someone, and it spurred me to the idea of doing an entire series of musical instruments.  Hence I've been collecting pictures of same.
This is my first musical instrument anything, and it took me I guess a couple hours.  Steps - pencil - adjust - pen - watercolor - hot pink paint pen.  At that point, I needed some more darks, so laid down a lot of blues and greens in the negative space behind the clarinet.

After that I looked at a pile of photos of family and travels.  Found this fun pic of Noah trying on a hat in Walmart.  He looked so ornery and cute that this was an easy one to choose.

This one came out fast.  I began with pen and went straight to color.  I concentrated the detail on his facial features - those that you can see - because I wanted you to look at the eye first, then face, then around the shoulder and arm, then back 'round again.

You can see my little tiny field sketch watercolor box up at the top.  I prepared a lot of watery color, wet the paper thoroughly on both sides, and laid the paint down in literally a minute or less allowing it to bleed all over.  I've never been a 'paint inside the lines' kind of girl.  Boring.  Once I had all the watery paint laid down, I took Saran Wrap and laid it on top, wrinkling it up to give that effect on the paper.  Set a few books on it and let it dry all night.

What else?  A couple photos in waiting for some more fast fun...  Oh!  the striped purse full of markers - yep.  I buy things just because I like the colors and patterns.  Snagged that one at Target.  Toilet paper... who doesn't have a roll on their desk at all times? :)

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