Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Continuing Saga of the Artist's Desk

Okay, here we're looking at a heavy duty staple gun, staples, and archival tape.  There are so many things involved in being an artist, and many of them do not have to do with creativity, they're just plain, hard work.

Framing.  One of my least favorite jobs.  Right down there with dusting and cleaning toilets.  Oh, wait - I'd rather dust and clean toilets.  But the job's done now.  My hands are sore and I think they'd like a little ice water soak.   But, I've got FIVE paintings framed! They'll be heading to the frame shop for wires manana.

There are a couple things coming up - namely our Gallery change out, and the Woodlands Art League Judged Show.  I've entered five paintings in that show and may put in two more.  Going for ribbons.

Back to the desk, let's see, there's a new Liquatex medium I can't wait to use - you add this to paint and it gives an iridescent touch.  Sounds like fun!

You see a stack of photos, my awesome fam on the top, and a couple others that I'll use as reference material for something, someday.

You'll also see a hammer and some other tools - this afternoon was outside painting day with house paint.  My next post will tell you what we're up to out there!

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