Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Painting Outside

 Our back step needed paint, and today was the day.  I have a lot of small cans of house paint that were given to me, and they're namely cool colors - greens and blues.

I can do greens and blues.

Since this is our BACK porch, we're personalizing it.  Who needs an ordinary one-color step?  Boring!  I took it through a number of colors, and now we're giving it some nice footprints.

I laid mine down in green with my Sketchers that have the soles with a cool design.

Melody was next - barefoot, of course!

We decided to do our cat Calypso's prints too - she wasn't just thrilled.  As for ourselves, we dipped her in the little brown tub and Melody set her on the step.  Furry marks.  You can't even see toe prints because she's got so much fur.

As you can see, you CAN'T find any kitty prints.  We had to get the paint off her quickly so we threw her in the pool.  I know, not nice, but we do this now and again with our cats.  If they fall in, we want them to be able to get out by themselves.  At least once a year, we toss cats into the pool, guide them toward the steps, and try not to chuckle.  Okay, not true.  We laugh out loud.

Then we get a blanket, and cuddle and dry them.  Super fluffy, slightly damp, mildly offended and pool smart cats emerge.
Anyway, we were too busy to get photos of her prints!

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