Friday, July 10, 2015

New Painting - Tiger - Beginnings

Hello, Wonderful People,
Today I'm going to show you the beginnings of one of my new paintings - Tiger.  I know, original naming.  If you have a great idea on what to name my colorful feline, let me know!  But first, let me lead you through the steps:

First I laid down lots of warm colors.  Maybe HOT colors!  This time I added in some silver, because I want it to glow.  Here you can see the beginnings of the tracery of my first marks.  If you look closely, you'll see a light blue - first I drew out the entire cat with my light blue LYRA watercolor crayon.  There's a good reason for this - they're erasable.  Not exactly erasable, but if I squirt it with water and rub, it magically disappears.  This is a good thing when you're working on proportions.

Once everything is tight, I go all around with - this time it's black - acrylic paint.  You can see the beginnings up top, on the ear and top of his head.  You'll note there are black lines throughout the painting already; I dug those into the acrylic paint whilst still wet. 

I couldn't stop myself to take pictures, so the bottom one is far advanced.  I had gone all around with black, tracing over all my crayon marks, and begun to add the complimentary crayon marks wherever I wanted.  I'll generally do the eyes pretty soon into the work, because the vacuous look does not inspire me.  Once I get the feeling of those eyes looking at me, the rest is just gravy.  Look for my next post to see the finished piece.

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