Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sets Painting for 'Reconstructing Alice' at Applause Theatre

 Spent the day painting sets for our daughter's upcoming show, Reconstructing Alice.  It was a lot of fun painting as I watched her leading the dancers.

We are SO proud of her - she wrote this play, auditioned everyone, is directing and choreographing and, well, everything else!

She wanted sets to be gothic steampunk and dark.  I had only three hours to work today, so worked at top speed!  Definitely had to overcome my fear of heights for this one! Made good use of a very tall stepladder!

One of Melody's students helped me paint the blue background up top, which saved a lot of time.  We added the mauvy-purple color just lightly, and I ripped off the buildings really fast with a sponge-tip squeeze bottle brush.  Love those things!

The next layers will be more darks, clocks, gears and fog. :)

This last picture shows one side of the stage.  I painted in the sunset and then just barely began a touch of some buildings and an old bridge.  There will be a lot more on top of this - remember, it's just the first layers.  Going to be a great show!

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