Friday, July 10, 2015

Tiger Painting - Part Two

Here we're getting closer to done.  You can see that I'm working all around the painting at once, laying down color and unifying everything.  You will also note the tiger I've got stuck on top of my easel - a grand old king.  Funny looking at that fine fellow possessed me to do a young 'un.  It was actually inadvertent, but I realized I didn't have room to develop his jowly mane, so I went with it.  Maybe this young one will say 'Buy me, I need a home,' instead of the king's 'I want to eat you.'  Who knows?

I haven't posted about 'The Artist's Desk' for a while, so decided to pop this one in as well.  Now you can see what it looks like when I'm working on a painting.  Strewn with lion pics from... where else? ... the internet.

I try to stay pretty much with one fairly big brush in my work to get that sense of immediacy.  I caved to temptation, as you can see here I've got three brushes in use.  It was for the eyes.  That part is the one spot that needs to be absolutely perfect so I give it a lot of care.

Stay tuned for part three to see my final fine fellow! 

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