Friday, July 10, 2015

Tiger Painting, Part Three! For Sale to Good Home

Here he is!  Done!  I love him and count him as a very obedient temporary pet.  Because he is for sale! $800.00, and the size is 22" x 28".

I really love the way the silver is glowing through on his left side.  These little details in backgrounds make all the difference in the final painting.  I love the blue drip down the other side, just adding some nice texture and interest.  His nice, pettable nose is glowing with blues and violets.  As you can see, I worked with comps all the way around.  Non-artists, what this means is that I laid down colors opposite on the color wheel on top of the colors previously laid down.  These 'compliment' each other, like peas in a pod.
 This first picture I took last night.  It is identical to the second picture, but that was taken in the day time.  I put both in so you could see how differing light effects the painting.I like them both.

The bottom three show closeups of differing portions of the cat's face.

Still needs a name!  And needs a home, too!  He will eventually hang in the DaVinci Artists' Gallery for $800.00, plus tax.  If you purchase him out of my home, I can give you a discount.

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