Friday, February 12, 2016

Life's Difficulties, Continued

Well, here I am again, almost too tired for words, but alas, I am Woman; there must be some words in there somewhere.

Today was one of the most emotionally draining days I have known. I am ever thankful for my brother, Dale and his wife Shelly, and my brother Denny who all came down to help us sort all this out and be partners in the dastardly deed-doing.

Today we put my mom in an Alzheimers home.  Today we separated my mom and dad.  Today we put physical space between lovers of 72 years.

She has been bad for quite some time and really wearing dad down.  I've been going up and giving a lot of help, but the kind of help he needs is every day, all-day, all-night kind of help. Last night I spent the night with them and she continually got up in the middle of the night to get dressed, find her purse, ding around in the closet and all around just keep dad awake. I caught her trying to take the wrong medicine, she understands and remembers nothing, asks continual repetitive questions, on and on.

Since she returned from the hospital things have been especially exacerbated. On top of her needing by-the-minute guidance, she is now tipsy and off balance.  You pretty much have to hover around her to support and catch her.  We knew it was past time.

And now after a day of emotional and physical work, five of us are exhausted and wrung out, and mom lives across the street.

It's a beautiful place.  She will be safe and happy, soon we pray. Dad will finally be able to get some rest, take a nap without being awakened literally every two minutes.  He'll be able to sleep through the night and actually maybe shave without being interrupted.

And he'll be lonely.  And I suspect he'll feel the way we all do, like traitors. My emotions have run the gamut today as I well know his have too.  Simply put, it was one tough day for all of us.  I pray that dad can sleep peacefully tonight knowing we all did the right thing.

Tomorrow... well, the Bible tells us to pray and plan, and to rest.  Our plans are not always God's plans, and He knows best for us.  So I'm going to make some plans, and pray, and I'm pretty certain fall into a dead sleep.  There's no need to worry, because we're in God's hands and holding onto Christ as the Anchor of our souls. So, I might as well sleep, because I REALLY need it!

Tomorrow?  We're going to 'prettify' a room.  I have lace curtains.  I've got some of her beautiful quilts.  Tomorrow will be one busy day of carrying stuff, purchasing stuff, and pulling it all together to make a beautiful space for her.

She is safe. Tomorrow is a gift from God.  It may be a hard one, but we will DO our best to MAKE the best out of that gift.


  1. Thank you for sharing with us. Our love and prayers are with you.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us. Our love and prayers are with you.