Sunday, February 21, 2016

Red White and Blue Mums for Sale

I love art!  All kinds of art! Another of my qualities is that I am intensely curious and am continually studying new things.  That goes for art as well, and explains why I employ so many different techniques and mediums.  

The world is just too fascinating and life is too short to stay in only one medium.  For this reason you'll find many different styles and mediums on my blog, and on my Etsy site; just consider them different sides of me.  

The old adage tells artists to 'choose one medium and stick with it.'  Tried that. Boring.  I believe that working with many materials keeps my interest and curiosity high, and keeps my work fresh and fun!  I hope you find fun here too.

This piece is the last one I posted on Etsy. 

This beauty is a woodblock print; I carved the chrysanthemum from a block .  For the 'canvas' I used YUPO, which is a completely non-absorbent a artist's 'paper.'  Because it does not absorb at all, this allows for lots of movement in paint and wild mixtures and texture unattainable in other mediums.  I apply the background in many layers and then lay down the print on top.  For this reason, it is a monoprint, which means 'one print.'  I couldn't make another one like it to save my life!  This is by far the most difficult technique I employ in all of my artwork. And that is what makes it special!  11"x14". 

The first photo shows the entire piece; the others are closeups of particular spots so you can see the textures and flow.

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