Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Metal Embossing, continued AGAIN!

I've been working on this piece for some time.  Once I got the metal embossed it was time for mounting.  I chose a nice piece of cradled birch' 12" square.  Sanding ensued.  I recall one of my students, sweating it out while sanding some wood, saying, "Mrs. Johnson, this doesn't feel like art!"  Hahaha!  There is a whole lot of art that doesn't feel like art if that's the case!

The colors I chose for the birch go nicely with the copper of the metal, and I rubbed the edges with turquoise to bring everything together as a whole.  So far so good!  Step by step.

My next step includes Gorilla Glue, and will take all night.  After that I'll post to show you the final steps.

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