Saturday, February 20, 2016

Steve Jobs Quote

I love words.  I love quotes.  I actually collect them... both words and quotes.  My best word to date is:  Bechocolabox. Great word, huh? It's English (of course!) and means 'run of the mill, boring, just like every other chocolate in the box.'  I got it from Ross King in a short, delightful conversation.  Yes, Ross King, author of some pretty great books.  But that's another story.

Today I put together a quote I love from Steve Jobs with one of my photos.. Very inspirational.  I put it on top of a photo I shot through the sunroof of my care as we sat at.a stoplight downtown.  It's February and the starlings are beginning their bird conventions again.  Noisy, raucous children that they are, it just delights me to no end to see them at their parties. 

Here you are, it's my gift to you this day.

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