Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Clown

 Here's my merry Christmas to you - a Christmas clown!  It would be merrier if I could figure out how to turn this thing horizontally - it WAS on my computer!  If anyone knows something I don't about this, let me know!

  I began my clown journey at our gallery Christmas party.  One of the artists is a clown, and she said she'd pose for us - yay!  Here's my sketch.

And again...

The next day, I worked the underpainting up with cool colors as I knew she was going to have a lot of reds, so you can now see what's underneath the finished piece!

Friday, December 28, 2012

 These two pics show the beginnings of a project I'm currently working on.  I've got a lot of nice wood pieces that I'm going to have my students use for this very same project, which means I have to do mine first!
Step 1 - drew in my design with a marker
Step 2 - layer on some colored crepe paper with a nice acrylic medium

In case you can't tell from this little cutaways, it's a tree.  I'll show you the entire tree manana.

Here's a really nice example of graffiti art that Melody and I found downtown this afternoon.  I love the colors and the depth created, and especially the dimension added by the unusual background.  Nice!