Saturday, August 31, 2019

Galaxy Painting for Sale

This little 8”x10” piece will draw you in and converse with you about galaxies, planets and stars.  It actually fills me with joy just contemplating the possibilities!  In it you will find blues, teals and whites alongside blacks, golds and opalescents which give a rosey hue and make you feel like you’re staring into the depths of space.  Coolio!!

Oh, those iridescents!!!! Yummy!

You can find lots more photos of this painting on my website,

I painted this on a small, 8”x10” canvas with high quality archival acrylics.  A peaceful and powerful painting at a great price of $80.00, signed on the side.  You can see I let the paints flow over the edges to make the entire piece ART!  Perfect for a unique, one of a kind gift, or for yourself, just in case you need a little trip into space now and then. ;).

‘Glorious’ Painting

 Honestly, I think this might be my favorite one of all my pourings. The golds and reds have melded together so perfectly and the teals and blues compliment them so well that it’s a joy to follow the movement. 

Oh my goodness, just look at this thing!

It’s 12x12” on cradled birch, heirloom quality paints for only $120.00. I wish somehow I could capture the beauty of this thing with a photograph, but alas, it is not to be.  Just know that it is ever so much more beautiful in person.  Signed on the side.  The birch box is about 1” thick, and I let the paint pour over the sides to continue the art.

Glorious!! You can find lots more pics on my website,

Friday, August 30, 2019

Second Group of Art Coasters for Sale

I have been seriously busy adding work to my website every day getting ready for fall markets and shows.  That being said, if you like any of these, grab them now!

Gorgeous, huh?  I’m curious which one you like best.  Details to make them yours are on my website,

Now that I have them photographed, I’m going to flood them with super-glossy protective resin and give them nice cork backs. 🙂. If you want them, now is the time because I am not going to be making more!  

I like this one... it looks octopussy.

As far as the black and gold coasters, I made only eight and just posted the other four in my previous post.  When I asked if people wanted to see that they were recycled I got a resounding yes, so you my find little chipped pieces or a bit of grout I left on one.  Picture me digging through piles of discarded builders’ junk, scraping and scrubbing and you’ll get the picture.  Anyway, once these are gone, they are GONE! 

Oh my goodness, I love these!

Art Coasters for Sale

I have been seriously busy adding work to my website every day getting ready for fall markets and shows.  That being said, if you like any of these, grab them now!

 Gorgeous, huh?  I’m curious which one you like best.  Details to make them yours are on my website,

Now that I have them photographed, I’m going to flood them with super-glossy protective resin and give them nice cork backs. 🙂.

You would notice this following one has a little chip out of its corner.  Picture me digging through bins of discarded builders’ junk, chipping grout off tiles, scrubbing them and you’ll get the idea.  I asked if people wanted to be reminded that these are recycled and got a resounding ‘YES!’  So, I used some with tiny chips, left a little grout, and we will celebrate recycling and helping this ol’ world.  That being said, I think these little stunners don’t lose anything but actually gain personality with these little blemishes.

Whew!  Pretty all over the place!
If you want them, now is the time because I am not going to be making more! As far as the black and gold coasters, I made only eight and will post the other four soon. 

Art Decision Making

Okay, so here’s the problem, and one reason why it’s so wonderful to get a perfect piece.  I adore this 8x10.  I love the colors, the way they flow and intermingle, the shapes... everything.  Except for the leaf stuck in the paint.  What would you do? I could try tweezering it off, but the chance of ruining the entire piece is about 85%.  I could just pour resin over the whole thing and call it art... hmmm?

Other things that can happen?  People mowing and blowing down the street - flying debris.  Insects, twigs, dirt... the paint literally sliding off once I get it ‘set’ and ruining the entire composition... cats and rats and elephants... SOOOO when I get one I like - I REJOICE!  Let me know what you think about my LEAF painting.  Would you buy a painting with a leaf? 

Honestly, for me, it’s so beautiful I’m just not willing to risk ruining the whole thing to remove one leaf.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Paint Pouring Painting - ‘Rising’

You know, I began doing paint pouring in response to my shoulder surgery, which left me unable to mentally focus long enough to produce my ‘normal’ style of art.  But it’s become more than that.  The beauty of these works really moves me in a way that’s hard to describe.  Here’s the entire painting:

It’s also a huge challenge to get one of these to turn out and many I end up painting over.  But this one.  I call it ‘Rise,’ because for me the paint rises up like a stem of gladiola flowers.  The fact that there’s a little elephant in with the flowers I guess is just a bonus.  Do you see him?  He’s in this following picture:

Aw, goodness.  He looks like Dumbo. ❤️ Oh, the prettiness never ends with this one!

I just popped this on my website last night.  Believe it or not, these are ever so much more beautiful in person, with their deep, glossy colors.  You can find this painting and many others at
Oh, goodness, I’m in love all over again!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Dragons Among Us Painting

This is my painting ‘Dragons Among Us.’  I’ve got three dragons hidden within the depths of space... can you find them?  I just posted it on my site, for a mere $90.00.  Christmas is coming, people.  Once this is gone, it’s gone.  These paint pours are what I’d call controlled chaos - I can control them to an extent, but they also have a mind of their own and that’s what makes them so special.  Let’s take a look at this one:  Here’s the entire painting.

It’s 10”x10” on a deep gallery-wrapped canvas.  Some closer detail:

Here it is with my Yeti for size comparison:

Oh my goodness, the colors are just glorious!  The sides are really cool, too.  When you do paint pours, you have to use twice as much paint as would ever remain on the canvas.  It simply has to pour over the edges in order for you to get the movement you desire.  I leave the paint on the edges because it makes the entire piece, front and sides, look like art!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Newest Painting, ‘Festival’

I decided to give you a little tour around my latest painting.  This one is a 16x20 paint pour.  I wanted to incorporate whole bunches of cheery, complimentary colors, a lot of gold and some iridescents for a downright, riotous festival.  Hmm... I should name it festival.  Festival it is!  Now, to cure, then I have to varnish and wire it.  Look for wonderful new stuff being added to my website regularly as I get ready for upcoming shows and Christmas giving. Super bad reflections in this first one; it’s mirror-shiny. :)

After the entire painting, here are some closeups:

Oh my goodness, I love the way the colors meld and how you can see through the layers.

The above one, where it looks kind of grey, it’s really blues, whites and the iridescents that make it look that way from this angle.

I’ll be putting it up as soon as I get it wired.  If you’re interested, let me know right away as I’m sure this one’s going to go fast!  


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Blowtorch Artist Portrait

I have a blowtorch and I know how to use it!  What is it for, you ask?  So glad you asked!  It’s to heat any bubbles that form in paint pours so they expand and pop.  Nobody wants unsightly bubbles! The difficulty comes in not scorching or affecting the paint in any way whilst popping bubbles.  Tread lightly!  I’m working hard preparing for the Market Street Art Show coming in September!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Paint Pouring

Honestly, you guys, I think these things are bedazzling.  I’m working hard on Christmas gifts and will be loading them onto my website soon. I am loving this closeup.  

This has been one of the most difficult summers of my life.  After shoulder surgery I really spent it all on physical therapy, shoulder care and trying to sleep.  It’s been far too much for me to do my ‘normal’ painting, but these paint flows have been really therapeutic. Since I’ve pretty much dedicated my life learning to color, all I had to do was learn the rudiments of pouring and I’m pretty happy with the results.  

Oh my goodness, isn’t this gorgeous?  I ADORE the pearlescent paint mixed in!  Sooo cool!

After a dry summer of creating almost nothing it feels really good to be able to turn out something that I think is beautiful.  I hope YOU like them too!  This last one is the entire painting.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Paint Pouring Art

Getting ready for fall shows and Christmas!  These three photos show what different lighting does to a piece of art.  Getting the true colors is always a challenge.  But oh, man, I am loving this one so much no matter how it photographs!

Watch my website, for all manner of awesome, original gifts; there’s all kinds of wonder there and I will soon be adding every day!

Isn’t this just so cool?  I’m making coasters, of which this is one, 6x6” squares for hanging, 10x10” squares for hanging y mas!

If I had to guess, its true colors lay somewhere between door #1 and door #2.  #3 is leaning a little toward the blue side.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Pennants Painting

Pennants for sale!  I thought we needed a little breezy pick-me-up to bring us out of these summer doldrums.  Can’t you just feel the breeze? This painting is for sale on my website and is guaranteed to freshen and fun-up any place you put it.  Because of the warm vs. cool colors it’s extremely hard to photograph.  The photos showing the bright pennants are true to the pennants, but wash out the background.  The ones that make the background glow in turn make the pennants dull.  Just look at them all and believe that the background is bright and interesting and the pennants virtually glow. Here are four different photos; put them all together and they still won’t be as pretty as the original!

The following one isn’t quite this green, but the underlying greens really do glow through the blues.  Also, the flags glow like this and you can see a little texture through them.

The following photo shows better the true colors of the background, but the flags don’t look this dark at all.  You can see here that the background colors really are myriad and can see some of it leaning toward pink.

This last one is truer to the flags, but I’ve also got some of those nasty old reflections in it.  Sigh.

Inspiration?  Well, if I’m driving somewhere and see pennants flapping, I often give in to an irresistible urge, make a u-turn and park under them for a few delightful moments.  Yep.  You should too.  Might just make your day.  Check them out at

Now, two more:

This first one shows how nice the flag looks, but the background is totally whited out.  This is what I’m talkin’ about!  These flags are gorgeous!

And now this, the flag looks dark and dreary, but the background is more true to color.  I need a personal photographer!  At any rate, this painting glows with color, texture and layers.  It’s just so fascinating to study it will draw you in and you will be LOST WITHIN ITS DEPTHS.