Saturday, September 24, 2011

Don't touch the Paint!

Today, a picture of my poor thumb.  For some reason unbeknownst to me, all my fingertips developed razor-like cuts and peeling skin.  Ouch!  Just try living with open wounds on all your fingertips!

Went to the dermatologist and she gave me the unwelcome news: contact dermatitis to paint.  Any other artists develop this?

So, this artist is trying to figure out how to continually paint without touching... paint!  I am currently using a barrier cream, which helps considerably; I just have to continually reapply it.  Gloves are absolutely for the birds.

Let this be a warning to you people.  There are a lot of pigments that simply are not good for your skin.  Remember, your skin is porous and soaks up whatever it contacts.  Oh, boy.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maurice Sendak and Life without Hope

 Wonderful People,
This morning I am touched to the core.  As a believer who lives a beautiful life full of hope - hope in this life and hope in my future life with Christ, I forget what it is like to not have that hope.  No question that life can be tough, but there is always the hope we have in Jesus.  Today I listened to the most poignant reminder of that which I have perhaps ever heard.
The interview was on Fresh Air.  An aging Maurice Sendak (of Where the Wild things Are fame) was interviewed.  In this touching conversation, we learn about his choice to not have children.  He selfishly wanted that time to read and write books, listen to music and travel.  He addresses his lifelong dream of having adult children and being lonely.  He has visited a psychiatrist for years and talks about his being gay.  Now that he is aging, he is tender and lonely.  His friends are dying and he clings to life, crying all the time.
Because he is an athiest, he doesn't believe that there is anything after death.  Contrary to this belief, he still clings to the unfounded hope that he will see his brother again someday.  It is really one of the very saddest interviews I have ever heard.  In the end, he gives a most beautiful statement to Terry Gross, which brought fresh tears to me, and most certainly to Terry.
I listened to it twice.  Once myself and once with my son.  We had quite a few things to talk about afterwards, ended in a prayer, and I consider it the most worthy thing I've done with him all week.
The interview is about 20 minutes long.  Please, PLEASE listen to it.

It renews the fire in me to share the hope that I have in Christ.  If you are living a life without hope, please talk to me.  I would love to share a rich, new life with you.
Check out this link for the interview.
You can also go to Fresh Air on your iPhones.  She interviewed him  because he put a new book out, "This Pig Wants to Party."
Most sincerely, and full of hope,
Cindy Johnson

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Book Recommendation - Brilliant Beginnings

The past few days I've been reading this seriously engrossing book.  I dare you to open it for just a minute.  One artist leads to another until you are SUCKED IN!
It gives nice spreads showing early, childhood works of great artists, composers and writers. For example, Claude Monet's early caricatures are shown, along with this quote:
"I was undisciplined from birth, no one, even when I was very young, could make me follow rules... School always seemed like prison to me and I could never resolve to spend even four hours a day there."
It says he drew unendingly in the margins of his books, depicting, in the most irreverent way, his teachers.
You can find it on Amazon, among other places.  I think I'm going to have to pick it up myself, sometimes the library just isn't enough; ownership is necessary!